Here’s a real smarty pants thrill!
Turn your iPhone into a brain-training device with the new free Quizarium app.

The rules are simple: choose the category, give the correct answer and be praised and awarded. Too easy? Then see if you can do it faster. The layout of the app is plain, yet pleasingly customizable. Play on your own – there’s an offline single-player mode. Or give in to your competitive side and challenge anyone who’s online. Subjects vary from applied science to pure fun – you’ll surely find something you’re good at.

You really can’t know TOO much. Download Quizarium for free and have fun exercising your brain.

This week’s leaders

betep-ha-mope 30
Dominator1711 15
makennalange 8
gamergirl021 2
brittnewby1292 1

Last week’s leaders

grimspud 123
by97 71
Vipus 23
brittnewby1292 16
jocelynmoo 14

Today’s top questions (hover to see the answer)

  • • On what side should you sleep to improve digestion?  [right]
  • • What animals eye is larger than its brain  [Ostrich]
  • • The Komodo Dragon, the biggest known lizard to science, is endemic to the Komodo islands of what country?  [Indonesia]
  • • What well known marsupial is the wallaby related to?  [kangaroo]
  • • In the wild what animal pollinates banana plants  [Bats]
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